Bring Your Photos To Life – Video Competition

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Bring Your Photos to Life Competition 2010 calls for those with an interest in the imaging industry and video production to help spread an important message. By creating and sharing short videos with the message ‘bring your photos to life’ across the internet, this competition aims to encourage consumers and users of digital cameras to do more with their photographs than just leave them on the hard drive.

Contest Period

The Contest Period is CLOSED as of December 29th, 2010. Judging is in progress and winners will be announced by the end of January.


Video Submissions are judged by a panel of judges.

1st Place – $3,000 AUD

2nd Place – $1,500 AUD

3rd Place – $500 AUD

How to Enter

Anyone from any country is free to enter! Entrants must create and submit a video expressing the message “bring your photos to life”, encouraging viewers and consumers to do more with their digital photographs. Get consumers excited about developing prints and more!

People tend to leave their photos on the computer and not do anything else with them. Let’s show consumers why and how they could be doing more with their photos! Check out for more ideas!

It is important to get the message across, but be creative!

  • Step 1 : Make Your Video
  • Step 2 : Upload Your Video to and tag that video with “BYPTL Competition 2010”
  • Step 3 : Send an email to with the following criteria
    • Subject: Bring Your Photos To Life 2010 Submission
    • Your Name
    • Your Country
    • Title of Submission Video
    • Link to Submission Video on youtube

Bring Your Photos To Life Message

There are many messages and topics that can be expressed in submission videos. Here are a few subjects entrants may want to include in submissions.

  • Developing photos is fast, easy, and INEXPENSIVE
  • Developed photos are more tangible/meaningful than digital files
  • Do more than just print photos
    • Scrap-booking
    • Mouse Pads
    • Coffee Cups
    • Teeshirts
    • Hats
    • Custom Stickers
    • Large Prints
    • Framed Photos
    • Photo Books
    • See the winner of the 2006 contest for an example!

Conditions of Entry

As joint organisers, PICA and PMA retain the right to use submissions in any way they see fit in association with this competition. However, the joint organisers recognise the rights of the authors to retain full ownership of their copyright in with regard to other use of their submissions.

  • All entrants must have all ownership rights pertaining to his or her submission.
  • Submissions must not contain offensive, gratuitously violent, or pornographic material.
  • Entrants may submit multiple Submission Videos, but only the highest scoring one may be considered for judging.

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