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The 7 Second Lens Change


Lens Changing no longer has to be scary and painful. Here’s how you can swap like a pro!

How many times have you thought to yourself, “Aw, I’d love to take this shot, but I don’t have the right lens on.”? Now how many shots have you lost, simply because you didn’t want to change your lens?

Whether it is due to the fear of getting dirt in the camera body, or struggling through a juggling act more awkward than the first day of High School, lens changes can be a crippling thing. What an oddity that changing lenses, the strong point of SLR photography, can also be the most frustrating aspect!

However, with a few simple tips, a consistent technique, and a little bit of practice, you can effortlessly change your lenses in 7 seconds or less! Much like learning how to drive a car, lens changing becomes second nature with practice and some technique! Follow these steps and you’ll be on the way to speed-lens-changing in no time!

See the technique in action!

Step 1 – Prepare

Not ReadyThis camera is NOT ready! The camera is NOT tethered to the body, and the lens to be swapped in is NOT accessible.

A common mistake photographers make when changing lenses is that they remove the lens from the camera before they are actually ready! You don’t skydive before putting on your parachute, so don’t take the lens off before you’re all set up! Continue reading


Digital Life Expo – Looking Forward

With unmatched success, this year’s Digital Life Expo boldly brings tomorrow’s technology into the homes of today.

As this year’s Digital Life Expo in Melbourne, Australia came to a thundering close, all expectations were surpassed with a chorus of “ohs” and “ahs”. Ground was broken and edges were cut as major league players such as Fujifilm, Nikon, Panasonic and Canon unveiled the latest and greatest strides in photo imaging technology.

3AW Radio Stand Conducting Raffle Prizes

There was no shortage of awe to inspire the more than 23,000 visitors who were able to spend hands-on time with 3D cameras, printers, and TVs, as well as the newest cameras and accessories. Nothing was out of bounds as the most powerful telephoto lenses were on display for testing.

Studio Portrait Photography Workshop

Visitors were able to explore the showroom floor, rich and bustling with workshops and talks from industry-leading experts. While sampling studio portrait photography and learning the ropes, visitors could also have prints made to participate in a number of contests to win great prizes.

Avatar Models

There was no shortage of entertainment this year. Visitors were treated to speed-painters, dancing robots, Avatar-dressed models, and musical performances all throughout the day. Demonstrations and workshops with the most advanced photo-imaging software kept crowds coming back for more.

Visitors Sample the Newest Cameras

This year’s photo imaging technology has made great strides, with 3D prints pioneering an ever-expanding sea of printing media. As consumers, more than ever are being encouraged to bring their photos to life, the industry marches on towards the coming year and the developments still to come.

At least one thing is certain as technology continues to rapidly grow. The best place consumers can look to keep track of the latest photo imaging developments is right here at the Digital Life Expo. See you next year!

Jerrel Dulay

A Glimpse of the Digital Life Expo!

Click HERE to watch A Glimpse of the Digital Life Expo!

Melbourne’s 2010 Digital Life Expo has opened with a bang, with thousands in line as the gates busted open! Check out a glimpse of the show in this video, and don’t forget to participate in the Melbourne Photoshow Highlights Video and Photo competition in our Contests section!

Digital Life Expo – Technology on The Move

The first day of the Largest Imaging Expo in the Southern Hemisphere ends, leaving positive electricity in its wake.

Those lucky to attend the first day of the Digital Life Expo in Melbourne have been left impressed and awe-struck. Blinded by more than just stray camera flashes, attendees of the show were pleasantly surrounded by a sea of shimmering technology, sure to turn any techno-frown upside down. Between Samsung’s Dancing Robots, Print 2 Metal’s resilient prints, and Fujifilm’s 3D technology, the Digital Life Expo does nothing short of surpassing the claims of being one of the most exciting shows yet.

Heavyweights such as Nikon, Canon and Panasonic hit hard and fast, unleashing impressive displays. Each stand features the latest and most powerful lenses, camera bodies, and accessories that no enthusiast or professional photographer should be without. Visitors can brave a climb up an elevated tower to have hands-on experience with a range of long lenses and high-end cameras.

While phones, computers, and anything worth its weight in USB thumb drives keep getting smaller and smaller, there are still some things that are still worth doing on a large scale. Watching goliath printers belch out vehicle-sized posters is nothing short of impressive and fun. Along with printing size, printing media has been growing at a blistering pace. Continue reading

Digital Life Expo – Sneak Peek!

With the long awaited Expo just a USB cable’s length away, Sneak Peek shows us in advance what lies in store.

The Digital Life Expo is the largest Photo Imaging Technology Expo in the Southern Hemsiphere. Join iDigital Darwin on an electrifying Sneak Peek of what’s to come! From new cameras with built in printers, to services that produce near-indestructable large prints, there is no doubt that this year’s Digital Life Expo has been called the most exciting show yet!

Fujifilm’s 3D camera continues to make a lasting impression with the latest display of 3D prints. Retailing at $899, the world’s first  3D Digital Camera does nothing short of impress, with seamless connectivity to 3D frames and Television sets. Continue reading