Digital Life Expo – Sneak Peek!

With the long awaited Expo just a USB cable’s length away, Sneak Peek shows us in advance what lies in store.

The Digital Life Expo is the largest Photo Imaging Technology Expo in the Southern Hemsiphere. Join iDigital Darwin on an electrifying Sneak Peek of what’s to come! From new cameras with built in printers, to services that produce near-indestructable large prints, there is no doubt that this year’s Digital Life Expo has been called the most exciting show yet!

Fujifilm’s 3D camera continues to make a lasting impression with the latest display of 3D prints. Retailing at $899, the world’s first  3D Digital Camera does nothing short of impress, with seamless connectivity to 3D frames and Television sets.

Polaroid has returned with a digital vengeance, boasting a ground breaking digital camera with built-in printer. Back are the days where families and friends can whip out photos instantly and relive memories from just moments ago. Polarid’s new printing camera can also receive photos from other devices wirelessly through bluetooth, increasing the usability and appeal.

New Print 2 Metal are becoming more and more widely available and more affording. Starting at just $49 AUD, consumers can  submit their photos through the Print2metal website and receive waterproof, scratchproof, and overall indestructible prints on solid metal. With unmatched resilience and vibrance, there is no doubt more and more photographers will be making prints on this new medium.

Canon’s Ixus range of point and shoot cameras celebrates its 10th birthday with a series of cupcakes. Models of cupcakes start at 2gb and are also available in 4gb, 8gb, and 16gb models. Users of the Canon Cupcake may insert an SD card anywhere they’d like, but there is no guarantee that cupcake will taste any better.

Stay tuned for live updates directly from the showroom floor!

Jerrel Dulay


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