Digital Life Expo – Technology on The Move

The first day of the Largest Imaging Expo in the Southern Hemisphere ends, leaving positive electricity in its wake.

Those lucky to attend the first day of the Digital Life Expo in Melbourne have been left impressed and awe-struck. Blinded by more than just stray camera flashes, attendees of the show were pleasantly surrounded by a sea of shimmering technology, sure to turn any techno-frown upside down. Between Samsung’s Dancing Robots, Print 2 Metal’s resilient prints, and Fujifilm’s 3D technology, the Digital Life Expo does nothing short of surpassing the claims of being one of the most exciting shows yet.

Heavyweights such as Nikon, Canon and Panasonic hit hard and fast, unleashing impressive displays. Each stand features the latest and most powerful lenses, camera bodies, and accessories that no enthusiast or professional photographer should be without. Visitors can brave a climb up an elevated tower to have hands-on experience with a range of long lenses and high-end cameras.

While phones, computers, and anything worth its weight in USB thumb drives keep getting smaller and smaller, there are still some things that are still worth doing on a large scale. Watching goliath printers belch out vehicle-sized posters is nothing short of impressive and fun. Along with printing size, printing media has been growing at a blistering pace.

Amidst the sea of printing services and mediums, Print 2 Metal shines like a lighthouse in the dark. With an easy to access online service, users can have prints made on durable metal with a variety of printing styles, and have prints deliver right to their front door. DES also offers a revolutionary type of paper consumers can use in their very own printers. Using Chromatic Paper, stunning, vibrant prints unheard of before in the household is now only a mouse click away.

Visitors will find pleasant creative stimulation at the Photo Create display. Ranging from teeshirts, handbags, footballs and more, Photo Create has a wealth of treasures to offer consumers. Never before has it been easier to access such unique services to do more with photos and bring those photos to life!

Samsung has outdone themselves this year, revealing a set of irresistibly cute dancing robots. The application for dancing robots may seem limited upon first glance, but robotic technology is rapidly advancing. Dancing seems so similar to vacuuming and doing the dishes that it surely won’t be long before these robotic housemates find themselves helping out around the home.

Talks from the pros and leading figures of the photo imaging industry are not to be missed! Sharing tips and techniques, experts will be making valuable presentations throughout each day, giving a chance for every visitor to enjoy the opportunity.

Visitors looking to leave the show with some swell swag can check the wide range of stands selling all varieties of accessories. At the FVE stand, visitors can find unique lenses, studio equipment, and more clever accessories than one can shake an extended monopod at. Magnetic Gorilla Pods and intuitive new carry-gear are just the tip of the technologic iceberg to be explored at the photoshow.

Making a stunning display of prowess, Fujifilm displays the latest in 3D photo frames, TV screens, and 3D printers. The display is one of the most revolutionary at the show, and visitors can win a chance to walk away with freshly baked 3D prints. For any visitors who have yet to sample 3D television, the Fujifilm display should be the very first stop of the day.

Stunning galleries are available for viewing all along the showroom floor, featuring inspiring works from both veteran photographers as well as rising new talents. Visitors should also keep an eye open for the various prize draws and contests running during the expo. A wealth of prizes such as chromatic paper, brilliant photo frames, and Nikon cameras are up for grabs at the 3AW stand.

With so much to see and do at the Digital Life Expo, there is no doubt that this year’s photo event is one of the most exciting yet. Between robots, 3D tech, and invaluable workshops, visitors will find themselves pleasantly engrossed in a world where the only things that matter are the click of a shutter and the image that comes out at the end. Stay tuned to iDigital Darwin for the latest updates and sights not to be missed of the 2010 Melbourne Digital Life Expo.

Jerrel Dulay


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