Digital Life Expo – Looking Forward

With unmatched success, this year’s Digital Life Expo boldly brings tomorrow’s technology into the homes of today.

As this year’s Digital Life Expo in Melbourne, Australia came to a thundering close, all expectations were surpassed with a chorus of “ohs” and “ahs”. Ground was broken and edges were cut as major league players such as Fujifilm, Nikon, Panasonic and Canon unveiled the latest and greatest strides in photo imaging technology.

3AW Radio Stand Conducting Raffle Prizes

There was no shortage of awe to inspire the more than 23,000 visitors who were able to spend hands-on time with 3D cameras, printers, and TVs, as well as the newest cameras and accessories. Nothing was out of bounds as the most powerful telephoto lenses were on display for testing.

Studio Portrait Photography Workshop

Visitors were able to explore the showroom floor, rich and bustling with workshops and talks from industry-leading experts. While sampling studio portrait photography and learning the ropes, visitors could also have prints made to participate in a number of contests to win great prizes.

Avatar Models

There was no shortage of entertainment this year. Visitors were treated to speed-painters, dancing robots, Avatar-dressed models, and musical performances all throughout the day. Demonstrations and workshops with the most advanced photo-imaging software kept crowds coming back for more.

Visitors Sample the Newest Cameras

This year’s photo imaging technology has made great strides, with 3D prints pioneering an ever-expanding sea of printing media. As consumers, more than ever are being encouraged to bring their photos to life, the industry marches on towards the coming year and the developments still to come.

At least one thing is certain as technology continues to rapidly grow. The best place consumers can look to keep track of the latest photo imaging developments is right here at the Digital Life Expo. See you next year!

Jerrel Dulay


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