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Arts Freedom Protest Rally Sydney 2010 Video


Nintendo 3DS Preview Already on Market?

View with Red/Cyan Glasses to see the 3D effect! The Legend of Zelda – Wind Waker

Between jaw-dropping visuals and revolutionary new gameplay, Nintendo created overwhelming waves announcing the new 3DS – the first ever 3D console. Not only is the runner-up to the highly successful NDS promise 3D graphics, it intends to do so WITHOUT special glasses! Gamers have been puzzled over such a wild claim. How can this even be possible!?

Fujifilm W1 3D Digital Camera

Surprisingly, the NDS isn’t quite as ground breaking as it first seems! The NDS will be using Lenticular technology to create the 3D effect on the LCD screens. In fact, Fujifilm already has a product on the market that makes use of Lenticular technology. That’s right! a 3D camera that uses the SAME 3D LCD technology is already exist! The Fujifilm W1 3D Digital Camera uses 2 lenses and a Lenticular LCD screen to take 3D still photos, as well as impressive 3D video. The 3D effect expressed by the Fujifilm W1 Camera is both very convincing and impressive.

View with Red/Cyan Glasses to see the 3D effect! The Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess

Many Photo Expo Events around the world featuring Fujifilm stands hav the 3D cameras on display. Visitors to events can try the cameras for themselves and experience 3D imaging without the need for any special glasses or goggles. While this makes the experience more comfortable and convenient, there are a few drawbacks. Viewers must be looking at the Lenticular 3D LCD screen directly head on in order for the 3D effect to work. If the viewer is a little bit to the left or right of the LCD screen, the 3D illusion is completely lost!

Breaking into 3D gaming – Nintendo 3DS

The world of gaming will continue to evolve and surprise players. For any anxious gamers looking to see what the 3DS will look like and get a feel for the experience, track down the Fujifilm W1 3D Camera in a retail shop or Photo Expo.  Give the W1 a test ride to get a feel for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. You will be impressed, as well as uncomfortable trying to hold the screen in the perfect position so you get the 3D effect!

See MORE 3D Anaglyph Zelda Pictures here!


Happy Hunting!

Melbourne Photo Highlights Contest Winners

Alison Crea

Elaine Shaw

Congratulations to Alison Crea and Elaine Shaw for submitting the top two images from the Melbourn Digital Life Expo , 2010!

Prizes are $200 Gift Vouchers to participating PMA-member photo shops!

Fantastic work! See you next year!

6 Tips For Night Photography

Master a whole new shade of creative expression with just a few tips.

In the sport of photography, athletes are constantly battling two key enemies; Light and Movement. Photographers are often struggling to capture just that extra bit of light, and trying to get rid of that other little bit of camera shake.

It is the limitations of Light and Movement that stop many photographers once the sun goes down.

However, there are the brave warriors, who march on against the darkness, and continue taking photos, showing us the world in a whole new light. Fear not, noble warriors of the light, for the darkness is not something to be feared. With just a few valuable tips, any photographer can capture the beauty and elegance of the night.

A Photographer Battles On Against The Night

Why shoot photos at night, and how is it different from simple long exposure photography? Aren’t they the same thing? Night photography is very different from General Long Exposure Photography! Night Photography means working in an environment, typically outside, with its own natural lighting. Learning to make use of this existing, minimal light will not only allow for unique photos, otherwise impossible at any other time of the day! Learning to harness hidden light sources will help to strengthen understanding of how light affects a scene, and fully understand an environment.

Tip 1: Bring The Right Tools

A painter cannot paint comfortably without his easel. Likewise, a night photography cannot operate comfortably without the right tools. Stepping into unknown territory always intimidating. However, night photography can be an easy journey with a little preparation. Save some heartache and pack this gear along!

  • Tripod – Photographers need something to hold their cameras still for long periods of time. If there is hiking involved, make sure the tripod isn’t too heavy. If it has a carry bag and a shoulder strap, the journey will be much easier. Even a budget, $25 tripod can do the job. Just make sure the tripod itself is sturdy, connects to the camera solidly, and doesn’t wobble.

  • Form Fitting Gloves – Night Photography differs from General Long Exposure photography in that photographers will be working in the field, in a natural environment. It may be windy or cold. Find gloves that fit your hands as closely as possibly and are not bulky. Ensure that you can operate your cameras controls without obstruction, even with the gloves on. Mechanic gloves often fit the bill just right.

  • Headlamp – Nothing is worse than shooting a raging river beneath a full moon, sitting on a rocky outcrop, then dropping a lens cap or memory card and not being able to see where it landed! Setting up the tripod and handling equipment will be much easier with a headlamp, since you will have both hands free. Continue reading

Photographers Fight For Rights From a Trigger Happy Society

The Australian Culture bans photos in public places as Photographers fight to preserve Artistic Expression

In an ever evolving world of communication, technology, and networking, it seems only natural that society becomes more open and accepting of artistic expression. However, it boggles the mind that the Australia Society is taking so many steps back towards the medieval days.

The Aussie Culture has been dropping the Ban Hammer on the use of Photography in public places. More and more, artists are stripped of their right of artistic expression.

Celebrated Photographer Ken Duncan fights for the rights of Photographers in Australia

Places like Bondi Beach, Sydney Harbour, and Uluru are legally off-limits from photographers. Even renowned panoramic photographer, Ken Duncan, was barred from taking photos of his own children at a swimming pool.

If this trigger-happy, iron-fisted styling of ruling is permitted to continue, not only photographers, but artists of all sorts will face unfair lockdowns. Imagine one day not being allowed to Photograph, Draw, or Paint images of the Sydney Opera House!

It may seem like a silly idea, but it is not as far off as it seems. To this end, Ken Duncan, along with many of Australia’s leading photographers are leading the charge this August 29th in Sydney.

Visit Ken Duncan’s Facebook page by CLICKING HERE, read more into the event and join your colleagues as they make a stand. Don’t let the anyone take away your rights as an artist. Remember, you are a photographer, not a criminal!

Visit Ken Duncan’s web page to see more inspiring work!

Arts Freedom Australia Protest Rally

Time 10:00am – 12:00pm

August 29

Campbells Cove, Sydney Harbour

Happy Hunting,

Jerrel Dulay