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Highlights! From PMA Canada Photo Expo 2010

Off to a surprising start, PMA Canada’s first ever consumer-trade show brought visitors together with the photo industry for a refreshing experience. Between free talks from the experts sharing valuable tips and a Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest, there was plenty to see and do. However, a few visitors were confused by some big name brands acting up, holding the show back from being as great at it could have been.

There was plenty of great new tech to keep visitors entertained.

Right upon entry, visitors were treated with a welcoming promise of truly fun sights and innovative ideas. An irresistible pair of cuddly stuffed giraffes greeted eager visitors while sporting the latest line of National Geographic carry gear. Along with the latest advancements in stabilizing equipment and intense lighting gear, there was little to be missed for the adventurous photographers.

Families had fun taking pictures underwater.

The Olympus display made a real splash with families who were invited to jump into the water and have fun. The most cutting edge waterproof and shock proof cameras alongside the SLR housings were a real hit. Visitors often had a hard time believing these new cameras can be this rugged!

With custom bobble heads, the options for creative gifts are endless.

Photo imaging can be serious work, but what good is work without a little fun in between? Enter the youBobble custom bobble heads! Are custom name mugs and teeshirts just not cutting it anymore? Look no further for that next winning gift to last a lifetime. Customers can submit a simple face photo using the online service, and in just a matter of weeks, have a customized bobble head!

Excited visitors listened intently, hoping to take home great new tips and tricks.

For visitors who experience motion sickness from watching bobble heads for too long, great talks from expert photographers provided an excellent source of relaxation and enlightenment. From lighting tips, to learning new techniques with Photoshop, and even how to photograph figure skating, visitors were able to enjoy thought-provoking sessions all throughout the day. What better way to take a break from exploring the showroom floor?

The latest photo printing kiosks surprise customers with new capabilities.

The discovery didn’t end with the expert talks, either! At the Kodak displays, visitors learned that they can log into their Facebook accounts on the photo kiosks to make prints of their photos! Fujifilm introduced an enticing new kiosk that allows users to produce and print sleek, professional entire photo books in a matter of minutes.

Visitors were able to ask questions, play with gear, and have a blast.

“I had a visitor so excited to be here at the expo. He literally tried every single lens in the display on his camera!”

Whether looking for tripods, camera bags, or new lenses, visitors were encouraged to try anything and everything on for size! Nothing was off-bounds as exhibitors helped visitors capture the fever and share the excitement. Sony’s Panoramic and 360 cameras kept visitors asking, “Where can I get one?”.

Visitors enjoyed the great range of innovations from Sony.

“After visiting the Nikon display and trying the cameras, I decided I wanted to buy the Nikon 300s.”

Key players like Nikon, Pentax and Sony took no prisoners when it came to sharing a hands-on experience. Being able to sample all the various lenses and new cameras came like an early Christmas for photographers looking for their favorite brands.

Canon ran an informative presentation for visitors throughout the day.

Cavalcade Color Lab boasts a wicked range of printing options.

While some exhibitors left everything to the imagination, others pushed the limits of the photographer’s imagination past celestial bounds. The Cavalcade Color Lab shared an impressive range of printing capabilities. These guys can and will print on just about anything. Calvade Color Lab has an impressive range of framing options and can even imprint images on mugs, tiles for tables, walls, and flooring, canvass, backpacks, and so much more!

Epson and Noritsu display their latest in printing technology.

Epson boasted its newest, wide range of stunning printing capabilities of its latest printers. From glossy to matte, to coffee and latte, the cutting-edge advancements had visitors in awe. “I just can’t believe these (prints) were made on a simple inkjet printer!” a visitor remarks.

FujiFilm displays its 3D camera connectivity to a 3D TV, a hot topic!

“I thought it (the Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest) was a great idea! It was a fun way to help visitors see things they would normally pass by.”

A light-hearted Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest invited visitors to participate by hunting down and photographing particular things at the show, and sharing their thoughts on them. The grand prize is FujiFilm’s latest 3D digital Camera, which had an exciting display. Visitors were enthralled by taking photos of themselves in 3D and being able to view them on the TV in real time! Even Panasonic’s 3D camcorder showed impressive strides in technology.

Visitors were excited to have all their burning questions answered.

For such an inviting, hands-on experience, PMA Canada’s first ever consumer-oriented Photo Expo has proved to be just that; perfect for consumers. Visitors were invited to come and explore, try on new bags, straps, tripods and lenses. While visitors missed a photo gallery and some exhibitors were a bit unsure how to appeal to visitors, the PMA Canada Photo Expo 2010 has made a great place for photographers to see, learn, and enjoy.

The PMA Canada Photo Expo 2010 ended with an exciting roar and aims to be back with a real bang. Visitors are now waiting with hope for the future shows that promise to be bigger, brighter, and better than ever.

Jerrel Dulay


Sneak Peak! PMA Canada’s Photo Expo 2010 Toronto

Like a breath of fresh air, PMA Canada’s Photo Expo 2010 brings a winning experience to photographers, both professional and enthusiast, in the Toronto area. This expo allows visitors to take their time, relax, and enjoy the sights and sounds of what they like best; photo gear! With compelling support from the biggest brands, such as Fujifilm, Nikon, Canon, Noritsu, Pentax, and Kodak, it’s no surprise that this event has ended up being one of the most exciting Toronto has ever seen!

Visitors can feel free to explore the showroom floor, and they are encouraged to bring their cameras with them! Exhibitors welcome visitors to come by and try on as many lenses as they would like!

Haven’t tried the Bigma yet? Drop by the Sigma stand, and don’t miss the Gary Fong lighting diffusers! Try one on for size, and see what you’ve been missing out on!

Looking for something new to do with your photos? Stop by the Cavalcade Color Lab display to find everything you’ve been looking for! Cavalcade Color Lab prints with world class vibrancy. They’ll print on more kinds of media than you can shake a stick at, and they’ll even print on the stick too! Transform your photos into puzzles, framed canvass, and more!

The EDMA display is a stand not be missed. Visitors can sample the wide range of Op/Tech Straps and carrying equipment, and even try on sweet wide angle lenses!

Looking for the perfect custom gift? What can be better than a custom bobble head?

How about new ideas, and doing more with your photos? Visit the Blacks display and ask about their brilliant new software online. Plus, enter their raffle to win $500 in photo-imaging goodies!

Need the most reliable, cutting edge studio lighting systems? How about the latest line in National Geographic photo gear? Whether you’re shooting video or stills, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the PMA Canada Photo Expo 2010!

Join the scavenger hunt to help you track down great gadgets and the most cutting edge developments in photo imaging! You could win Fuji’s latest 3D Digital Camera! There’s more fun to be had at the PMA Canada Photo Expo 2010 than ever before. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a glimpse into the future of photo imaging!

Register today! Event runs September 11, Saturday to September 12, Sunday!

Seeya there! Happy Hunting!

Toronto Photo Expo Scavenger Hunt Contest

Toronto Photo Expo Scavenger Hunt Contest

September will see Canada’s most exciting Photo Imaging Expo yet! Don’t miss out on a chance to get hands-on experience with the most ground-breaking gadgets on display in Toronto. There’s so much to do and see that it can be easy to miss out on something. Not to worry! Join in on the fun, pack a camera and follow the scavenger hunt!

Contest Period

The Contest Period is open to submissions starting on September 11th, 2010 and closes September 26th, 2010.


1st Place – TBA Fujifilm Camera

2nd Place and 3rd Places – Photographer’s Survival Kit (also TBA)

How to Enter

You must attend the PMA Toronto Photo Expo on either September 11th, 2010 or either September 12th, 2010 to enter. Hunt down and photograph the items on this scavenger list, and don’t forget to have fun! Submit Still Photos of your THREE (3) favorite stands or exhibits you saw at the show. Email these 3 photos to, with the following criteria:

  • Subject: Toronto Expo Photo Contest
  • Your Name
  • Link to Photos, or Attached Files.
  • Quick descript for each Photo as to why you chose this as one of your favorite items.

Scavenger List

  1. Something at the FujiFilmExhibit
  2. Something at the Nikon Exhibit
  3. Something at the Pentax Exhibit
  4. Something at the Noritsu Exhibit
  5. Something at the Kodak Exhibit
  6. Something at the Canon Exhibit
  7. Display of New Printing Technology
  8. Display of 3D Technology
  9. Display of Special Prints (Hats, Shirts, Books, and more!)
  10. Something waterproof!
  11. The Giraffes!
  12. Bobble Heads!
  13. The Bigma! (big 35lbs Sigma Lens)
  14. The Green Screen!

Conditions of Entry

As joint organizers, iDigital Darwin and PMA retain the right to use submissions in any way they see fit in association with this competition. However, the joint organizers recognize the rights of the authors to retain full ownership of their copyright in with regard to other use of their submissions.

  • All entrants must have all ownership rights pertaining to his or her submission.
  • Submissions must not contain offensive, gratuitously violent, or pornographic material.
  • Entrants may submit only (3) photos once.

The Photographer’s Magic Pocket

The Op/Tech Lens Filter/Cap Holder

Any photographer who has lost a lens cap to a hungry sewer grate or an enchanting, rushing river understands the need for a reliable lens cap holder. There are many options available on the market, but few perform as well or impressively as the Op/Tech Lens Filter Holder. This lens filter is able to hold oddly or large, shaped lens caps filling a gap in a photographer’s gear.

The Op/Tech filter/cap holder easily holds a 90mm cap in place.

Made of tough, stretchy neoprene, this lens filter  and cap holder can stretch to accomodate large size caps. With a sturdy plastic clip, photographers can lash this pouch wherever is most convenient.

Special Fisheye covers fit perfectly in the Op/Tech Filter Pouch.

Fisheye lens covers can be difficult and expensive to replace if lost from a drop. With the lens cover fitting snuggly into this flexible pouch, photographers can rest easy. The Op/Tech Lens Filter and Cover Pouch stands alone as reliable and invaluable piece of equipment. Available for $10-$20, this is a little gem no photogapher should be without.

For more tips, techniques, and hands on time with cool camera gear, check out the upcoming The Digital Show Expo in Melbourne, VIC!

Click to register for free entry!

Happy Hunting

Jerrel Dulay

So You Don’t Have an iPad yet…

Happy Hunting!

Gear For The Aggressive Photographer – Part 1

How choosing the right equipment can turn rough seas into smooth sailing.

Photography is a graceful, elegant, and precise activity. It is only funny and ironic when a photo job becomes tough and rugged! Sometimes, photographers find themselves speeding through the high seas, tackling ice-burgs, or clambering up a precarious rock wall towering past the clouds in the mountains. To accommodate for these situations, there exists some truly intuitive gear that no active photographer should be without.

Op/Tech Shoulder Harness can accommodate up to two camera bodies.

Neck straps can be one of the most uncomfortable and clumsy ways to carry a camera. Especially for heavier cameras, neck straps are not an option! For those photographers who find themselves tumbling through unforgiving terrain, or handling heavy equipment, the Op/Tech Dual Shoulder Harness proves to be worth far more than its weight in gold. Continue reading