Gear For The Aggressive Photographer – Part 1

How choosing the right equipment can turn rough seas into smooth sailing.

Photography is a graceful, elegant, and precise activity. It is only funny and ironic when a photo job becomes tough and rugged! Sometimes, photographers find themselves speeding through the high seas, tackling ice-burgs, or clambering up a precarious rock wall towering past the clouds in the mountains. To accommodate for these situations, there exists some truly intuitive gear that no active photographer should be without.

Op/Tech Shoulder Harness can accommodate up to two camera bodies.

Neck straps can be one of the most uncomfortable and clumsy ways to carry a camera. Especially for heavier cameras, neck straps are not an option! For those photographers who find themselves tumbling through unforgiving terrain, or handling heavy equipment, the Op/Tech Dual Shoulder Harness proves to be worth far more than its weight in gold.

Op/Tech Shoulder Harness can carry equipment a number of different styles.

The Op/Tech Shoulder Harness allow the camera to be worn a number different ways for various situations. The user can carry up to two cameras, one on either side. There user can also strap one camera in front of them, either loosely or close the body. Lastly, the strap allows the camera to be carried behind the wearer, like a backpack of a sort. This allows valuable security and freedom when doing rough activities such as rock climbing.

Behind-The-Back carry style makes rugged activities much easier.

The harness keeps the camera close to the body, whichever position it is strapped in. This prevents swinging and bumping into rocks and harp bits that tends to happen with neck straps. Stability, versatility, and an effortless buckle-release system make the Op/Tech Dual Shoulder Harness an invaluable piece of gear.

Keeping with the theme of aggressive gear, the Stedi-Stock provides a welcome piece of stability in a world constantly on the move. The Stedi-Stock attaches to the camera body via the tripod mount, allowing users to hold their camera as if it were  rifle.

The Stedi-Stock adds compact stability for photographers really on the go.

The added stability of the Stedi-Stock makes shooting at higher focal lengths much easier. Especially when setting up or carrying a tripod or monopod isn’t practical, the Stedi-Stock stands alone as a unique stability device.

At about $30 USD apiece, going on without these little gems would be madness! In a world where the tough gets tougher, times get faster, and gadgets become more streamlined, photographers must find new ways to keep from getting pulled out to sea. With the latest advancements in photo gear, the reach of the photographer stretches ever farther. Where will technology take us next, and how far will we be able to go?

Join us next time as we review the Lowepro Shoulder and Belt harness Sliplock system!

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Happy Hunting

Jerrel Dulay

Jerrel Dulay

Title photo by © Tomas Sablan


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