The Photographer’s Magic Pocket

The Op/Tech Lens Filter/Cap Holder

Any photographer who has lost a lens cap to a hungry sewer grate or an enchanting, rushing river understands the need for a reliable lens cap holder. There are many options available on the market, but few perform as well or impressively as the Op/Tech Lens Filter Holder. This lens filter is able to hold oddly or large, shaped lens caps filling a gap in a photographer’s gear.

The Op/Tech filter/cap holder easily holds a 90mm cap in place.

Made of tough, stretchy neoprene, this lens filter  and cap holder can stretch to accomodate large size caps. With a sturdy plastic clip, photographers can lash this pouch wherever is most convenient.

Special Fisheye covers fit perfectly in the Op/Tech Filter Pouch.

Fisheye lens covers can be difficult and expensive to replace if lost from a drop. With the lens cover fitting snuggly into this flexible pouch, photographers can rest easy. The Op/Tech Lens Filter and Cover Pouch stands alone as reliable and invaluable piece of equipment. Available for $10-$20, this is a little gem no photogapher should be without.

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Happy Hunting

Jerrel Dulay


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