Toronto Photo Expo Scavenger Hunt Contest

Toronto Photo Expo Scavenger Hunt Contest

September will see Canada’s most exciting Photo Imaging Expo yet! Don’t miss out on a chance to get hands-on experience with the most ground-breaking gadgets on display in Toronto. There’s so much to do and see that it can be easy to miss out on something. Not to worry! Join in on the fun, pack a camera and follow the scavenger hunt!

Contest Period

The Contest Period is open to submissions starting on September 11th, 2010 and closes September 26th, 2010.


1st Place – TBA Fujifilm Camera

2nd Place and 3rd Places – Photographer’s Survival Kit (also TBA)

How to Enter

You must attend the PMA Toronto Photo Expo on either September 11th, 2010 or either September 12th, 2010 to enter. Hunt down and photograph the items on this scavenger list, and don’t forget to have fun! Submit Still Photos of your THREE (3) favorite stands or exhibits you saw at the show. Email these 3 photos to, with the following criteria:

  • Subject: Toronto Expo Photo Contest
  • Your Name
  • Link to Photos, or Attached Files.
  • Quick descript for each Photo as to why you chose this as one of your favorite items.

Scavenger List

  1. Something at the FujiFilmExhibit
  2. Something at the Nikon Exhibit
  3. Something at the Pentax Exhibit
  4. Something at the Noritsu Exhibit
  5. Something at the Kodak Exhibit
  6. Something at the Canon Exhibit
  7. Display of New Printing Technology
  8. Display of 3D Technology
  9. Display of Special Prints (Hats, Shirts, Books, and more!)
  10. Something waterproof!
  11. The Giraffes!
  12. Bobble Heads!
  13. The Bigma! (big 35lbs Sigma Lens)
  14. The Green Screen!

Conditions of Entry

As joint organizers, iDigital Darwin and PMA retain the right to use submissions in any way they see fit in association with this competition. However, the joint organizers recognize the rights of the authors to retain full ownership of their copyright in with regard to other use of their submissions.

  • All entrants must have all ownership rights pertaining to his or her submission.
  • Submissions must not contain offensive, gratuitously violent, or pornographic material.
  • Entrants may submit only (3) photos once.

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