Highlights! From PMA Canada Photo Expo 2010

Off to a surprising start, PMA Canada’s first ever consumer-trade show brought visitors together with the photo industry for a refreshing experience. Between free talks from the experts sharing valuable tips and a Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest, there was plenty to see and do. However, a few visitors were confused by some big name brands acting up, holding the show back from being as great at it could have been.

There was plenty of great new tech to keep visitors entertained.

Right upon entry, visitors were treated with a welcoming promise of truly fun sights and innovative ideas. An irresistible pair of cuddly stuffed giraffes greeted eager visitors while sporting the latest line of National Geographic carry gear. Along with the latest advancements in stabilizing equipment and intense lighting gear, there was little to be missed for the adventurous photographers.

Families had fun taking pictures underwater.

The Olympus display made a real splash with families who were invited to jump into the water and have fun. The most cutting edge waterproof and shock proof cameras alongside the SLR housings were a real hit. Visitors often had a hard time believing these new cameras can be this rugged!

With custom bobble heads, the options for creative gifts are endless.

Photo imaging can be serious work, but what good is work without a little fun in between? Enter the youBobble custom bobble heads! Are custom name mugs and teeshirts just not cutting it anymore? Look no further for that next winning gift to last a lifetime. Customers can submit a simple face photo using the online service, and in just a matter of weeks, have a customized bobble head!

Excited visitors listened intently, hoping to take home great new tips and tricks.

For visitors who experience motion sickness from watching bobble heads for too long, great talks from expert photographers provided an excellent source of relaxation and enlightenment. From lighting tips, to learning new techniques with Photoshop, and even how to photograph figure skating, visitors were able to enjoy thought-provoking sessions all throughout the day. What better way to take a break from exploring the showroom floor?

The latest photo printing kiosks surprise customers with new capabilities.

The discovery didn’t end with the expert talks, either! At the Kodak displays, visitors learned that they can log into their Facebook accounts on the photo kiosks to make prints of their photos! Fujifilm introduced an enticing new kiosk that allows users to produce and print sleek, professional entire photo books in a matter of minutes.

Visitors were able to ask questions, play with gear, and have a blast.

“I had a visitor so excited to be here at the expo. He literally tried every single lens in the display on his camera!”

Whether looking for tripods, camera bags, or new lenses, visitors were encouraged to try anything and everything on for size! Nothing was off-bounds as exhibitors helped visitors capture the fever and share the excitement. Sony’s Panoramic and 360 cameras kept visitors asking, “Where can I get one?”.

Visitors enjoyed the great range of innovations from Sony.

“After visiting the Nikon display and trying the cameras, I decided I wanted to buy the Nikon 300s.”

Key players like Nikon, Pentax and Sony took no prisoners when it came to sharing a hands-on experience. Being able to sample all the various lenses and new cameras came like an early Christmas for photographers looking for their favorite brands.

Canon ran an informative presentation for visitors throughout the day.

Cavalcade Color Lab boasts a wicked range of printing options.

While some exhibitors left everything to the imagination, others pushed the limits of the photographer’s imagination past celestial bounds. The Cavalcade Color Lab shared an impressive range of printing capabilities. These guys can and will print on just about anything. Calvade Color Lab has an impressive range of framing options and can even imprint images on mugs, tiles for tables, walls, and flooring, canvass, backpacks, and so much more!

Epson and Noritsu display their latest in printing technology.

Epson boasted its newest, wide range of stunning printing capabilities of its latest printers. From glossy to matte, to coffee and latte, the cutting-edge advancements had visitors in awe. “I just can’t believe these (prints) were made on a simple inkjet printer!” a visitor remarks.

FujiFilm displays its 3D camera connectivity to a 3D TV, a hot topic!

“I thought it (the Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest) was a great idea! It was a fun way to help visitors see things they would normally pass by.”

A light-hearted Scavenger Hunt Photo Contest invited visitors to participate by hunting down and photographing particular things at the show, and sharing their thoughts on them. The grand prize is FujiFilm’s latest 3D digital Camera, which had an exciting display. Visitors were enthralled by taking photos of themselves in 3D and being able to view them on the TV in real time! Even Panasonic’s 3D camcorder showed impressive strides in technology.

Visitors were excited to have all their burning questions answered.

For such an inviting, hands-on experience, PMA Canada’s first ever consumer-oriented Photo Expo has proved to be just that; perfect for consumers. Visitors were invited to come and explore, try on new bags, straps, tripods and lenses. While visitors missed a photo gallery and some exhibitors were a bit unsure how to appeal to visitors, the PMA Canada Photo Expo 2010 has made a great place for photographers to see, learn, and enjoy.

The PMA Canada Photo Expo 2010 ended with an exciting roar and aims to be back with a real bang. Visitors are now waiting with hope for the future shows that promise to be bigger, brighter, and better than ever.

Jerrel Dulay


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