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WINNERS! PMA Canada Photo Expo 2010 Photo Expo Scavenger Hunt Contest

This year has shown us some truly cutting edge tech! For serious photographers, enthusiasts and families, the PMA Canada Photo Expo has brought home the most ground breaking gear. What better way to celebrate this exciting occasion than with a scavenger hunt? Congratulations to Kim Duncan, Mary Lou Naccarato, and Sheila Fuentes,  the 3 winners from this year’s photo show contest!

A special thanks goes out to all participants of this year’s PMA Canada Photo Expo!

Fujifilm Real 3D W3 Digital Camera

The grand prize for first place, Kim Duncan, is a revolutionary 3D digital camera, the REAL 3D W3 from Fujifilm!

Runners up Mary Lou and Naccarato and Sheila Fuentes each took home a valuable “Photographer’s Survival Kit”!

*Photographer’s Survival Kit consists of:

  • 1 Op/Tech Filter Pack (Lens Cap Pocket)
  • 1 Marumi Monopod
  • 1 Gorillapod SLR
  • 1 Lens Cleaning Kit
  • 1 Memory Card Wallet
  • 1 Vanguard Up-Rise 18 SLR Camera Bag

Photograph by Kim Duncan ©2010

“Wow! A 3D T.V. with your own video and images. Thiswas inspiring. Think of the possibilities of how you capture imagesand video. This was at the Fuji Exhibit.” -Kim Duncan

Photograph by Mary Lou Naccarato ©2010

“The Nikon is my camera and after speaking to the Nikon representatives I have decided the purchase a Nikon 300s. I can’t wait!” -Mary Lou Naccarato

Photograph by Sheila Fuentes ©2010

“Picture Mark an associate from Kodak, people do make a difference. I simply inquired about the posters that they had from the machine it was printed from. The quality was great, he  gave me a demo and printed a picture from a SD card I had. I got a poster size picture. I was so happy, he made my day.” -Sheila Fuentes

Congratulations, and see you next year!

Jerrel Dulay

Jerrel Dulay