Top 10 Games Gamers Don’t Want Anymore

With the gaming industry picking up pace, the Nintendo 3DS final touching down on western and European shores, and the Sony NGP looming just over the horizon, we at iDigital Darwin would like to take a moment to take a good look at the games we are playing. The world is all abuzz with talk and marry-making about what games we all want next. However, just as important as games we do want, are games that we do not want. Let’s take a look at iDigital Darwin’s Top 10 Games Gamers Don’t Want Anymore.

Movie-made games are notorious for being generic, uninspired milk machines.


Games Made From Kids’ CGI movies

To kick things off, we’d like to let the gaming industry know that making cheap, quick and easy video games out of Kids’ CGI Movies is a recipe for tears at Christmas. It doesn’t matter how amazing the Shrek or The Incredibles movies are. It’s widely understood that these quick cash cow games are aimed solely at kids, but that seems like a dirty trick. Can you remember the last time your heard someone say, “Wow, did you play that one new game made of that new CGI kids movie? Wasn’t it awesome!”


Games That Require Excessive Hardware

If you’ve never heard of R.O.B. the robot from the days of the NES, you’re missing out on one of the gaming industry’s fondest memories. R.O.B was a robot that was supposed to help players with games, but required an unbelievable amount of extra gear to use.

The Legend of Zelda, Four Swords Adventures for the Nintendo Gamecube makes the best example. In order to play this game designed for 4 players, gamers not only needed the game disc, but 4 Gameboy Advances and 4 Link Cables to connect those systems to the Gamecube. Only kids who knew Richie Rich ever really got to play this game properly.


Horse Raising/Racing Games

It’s surprising how many Horse Raising or Racing games there are. Literally, there is one Horse Raising game for almost every Tetris game ever released. Almost anyone can play Tetris, and it’s a unique, solid concept. Raising horses, however, doesn’t seem to make much sense to most gamers. Do people who raise horses in life even care about going into the house after spending a day training a real horse to go and train a virtual horse to enjoy some nice down time?


Barbie Games

Looking for some hardcore platforming action? You’re trying on the wrong dress. Nintendo has been trying its hardest to appeal to a whole new demographic of potential gamers; young girls. However, Barbie Games tend to be lacking in creativity and fun, where as actual Barbie Dolls are not limited by developer restrictions. These games are now cluttering shelves on the market, and make many gamers embarrassed to be seen even near these games in shop. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it play a Barbie Game when it gets there.


Games That Require A Strategy Guide

Once upon a time, gamers were able to just jump into a game and play. Games could be beaten without the need of hand holding and walk-throughs. These days, many games require gamers to purchase encyclopedic strategy guides for games. In the past, strategy guides were really only needed to find all the secrets. Lately however, gamers are seeing more and more games that are near impossible to complete or even enjoy without the use of such a guide.

How fun would a movie be if they just left important details out, and at the door to the cinema, they sold a companion novel to go along with the movie so you could get the full experience. Feel ripped off yet?


Ports Labeled as Remakes

“Remake” is a word that makes many gamers giddy with excitement, and other gamers face palm hard enough to cause a bloody nose. Many developers simply copy one, usually classic game and paste it onto a newer system, calling it a “remake”. Instead of actually remaking the game for the players to enjoy a new, yet familiar and nostalgic experience, developers cheat players by adding something preposterous, like a fancy new map.

“Remake” these days apparently means developers “remaking” the money that they already got from gamers once before. Be honest, gaming industry. A port is NOT a remake.


Not Scary “Survival Horror” Games

Just because a game has a world that is a direct rip-off of Silent Hill does NOT mean that it is a scary game. Often, the experience of “Horror” games is ruined by the player thinking, “Wow, this looks just like Silent Hill.” Lack of originality and missing key elements of terror have turned this genre into Bloody Action Adventure.

Sadly, many modern developers believe that borrowing Silent Hill’s setting and atmosphere is acceptable excuse to produce an uninspired and pointless game. Many games call themselves Survival Horrors, yet the elements of fast paced combat eliminate any sort of horror to be had. There’s already a genre for that; it’s called Action.


Bejeweled Clones

Bejeweled was a great concept when it first enveloped gamers with its bubble/block matching action. However, far too many games are running on the coattails of this game without bothering to add anything new or different to the experience. At this rate, the industry will have to add “Bejeweled” as a genre of game, all in its own.


Weird Final Fantasy Spinoffs

What was once a prestigious and flawless game series has lately degenerated into a disappointingly “hit or miss” experience. At one time, players knew that if they were to play a “Final Fantasy” title, they were in for an amazing experience. These days, convoluted, confusing, and too-experimental games clutter up the name of Final Fantasy. This poor, abused series has seen everything from Racing, 3rd Person Shooters, Online MMORPGs, Tactical RPGs, and Action Adventures.

Many of the series’ newest console RPG style games are tumor-like sequels, leeching life from successful predecessors. Sadly, this series has seen better days, and the future doesn’t look like it will be getting brighter anytime soon. Why must develops continue to make awkward, half-baked spin-offs? Why must Final Fantasy XIII consist of half a dozen separate games on two dozen different consoles? What’s so wrong with making ONE good game and slapping a roman numeral on it?


3D Sonic Games

More than any other game series, the Sonic The Hedgehog series has seen its share of awkward pubescent experimentation. What started out as a classic and timeless 2D platform game has suffered some strange transformations. 3D Sonic games always seem like a poor, unfortunate subject of an awful and cruel scientific experiment. Sonic has long been plagued by annoying, frustratingly cute animal sidekicks, cluttered and overly-complicated storylines, and gameplay-stopping gimmicks.

Between the use of a sword, friendly robots, transforming into a werewolf, or obnoxious sidekicks, it’s easy to see why Sonic runs so fast. He’s obviously trying to run away from all this rubbish. Is it really considered that archaic and outdated to make a game that is simple, fun, and solid?

That’s all for our Top 10 Games Gamers Don’t Want Anymore. Whether you don’t agree or have your own thoughts, feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Happy Hunting.

Jerrel Dulay


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