Top 5 3DS Features That Will Blow You Away

All the legitimate and just plain awesome features that make the 3DS worth buying.

It’s been well over a month since Nintendo’s juggernaut of a handheld system hit western shores. As the clouds of dust subside, gamers and retailers can now take a clear look at the Nintendo 3DS for what it really is. Not taking into account any of the 3DS’ faults, the list of cutting edge features and ground breaking technology is sure to put a smile on any gamer’s battle hardened face.

Today, we take a look at The Top 5 3DS Features That Will Blow You Away.

Effective, glasses free 3D is just a step away from hologram games

#1 – Deep And Immersive 3D That Actually Works

Whether showing off the 3D images to friends, neighbours, businessmen in fancy meetings, or even strangers on the street, the 3DS has never failed to impress beyond all expectation. Even the grumpiest troll with the stoniest of hearts has the capacity to transform into a fun-loving care-bear, once they experience the 3D imagery of the 3DS.

Despite the relatively small screen, the 3DS packs a goliath wallop of might and magic when it comes to 3D depth. When playing games, players can seriously feel like they might fall into the image, or that perhaps they might get hit by oncoming projectiles. Compared to large Cinema and massive HD 3D TVs, the 3DS seems to have some of the most effective and deep 3D on the market.

(Editor’s Note: To add to this, glasses-free 3D feels more comfortable than 3D requiring glasses. I personally get headaches and sore eye sockets from watching 3D TV and cinema that require glasses. However, the 3DS has never made me uncomfortable, even after hours of play)

Interactive and animated audio visualizers deliver a sweet surprise

#2 – Sound Player Packs a Surprising Dose of Depth and Fun

Amidst all the excitement of glasses free 3D and being able to take 3D photos, it seems like Nintendo forgot to mention one of the coolest and endearing features of the 3DS! Players can put MP3s onto the 3DS’ SD card and use it as an MP3 player, and they can even record their own audio clips using the built-in microphone. But that’s just where the fun begins!

The Sound Player comes packed with a fun speed and pitch changer that can make recorded voice clips sound silly, or downright scary! Players can apply real time audio filters to remove vocal tracks or even turn your music into 8-bit versions of themselves, as if they were playing out of an old NES!

Blast some polygon tiles while listen to your favorite songs

Nintendo introduces an unprecedented level of awesomeness by introducing interactive 3D audio visualisers. A wide range of visualisers can be selected while listening to music, allowing players to fly a 3D ship and recklessly blast space tiles with lasers and even play a soccer ball bouncing 3D version of Mr. Game and Watch!

What may sound like a pretty boring sound player and recorder turns out to be wickedly addictive fun.

Turn any face into a lively, animated, in-game enemy with the press of a button!

#3 – Preloaded Games Are Brilliant

Nintendo pulled no punches when making this leap into revolutionizing the gaming industry. By using the 3DS’ 3D cameras, players can turn their own rooms into a gaming wonderland.

Face Raiders allows players to take photos of themselves, friends, families, and even enemies, and turn them into monsters that they must fight in the game. Not only that, but these faces become 3D and animated, flying out of the room the player is currently in. The player must actually move around their room and spin around in 360 degrees to play this game.

Play in your own environment against photos of faces you take yourself

Nintendo’s Augmented Reality games boast a considerable level of depth but turning the player’s environments into the playing field. From fishing, a hyper extreme explosive version of golf, or target shooting, the 3DS sets a wonderfully high standard for the games of the future. It is also great to know that thanks to Nintendo’s wireless system update service, we will most likely be seeing more additions to this software.

Streetpass connectivity discretely accepts visits from other 3DS for help with games

#4 – Streetpass Games Connecting To Strangers and Friends is Way Too Cool

What may sound like a horrible gimmick involving total strangers hooking up to your personal 3DS game data actually proves itself more addictive than a can of Pringles. (And we all know that once your pop, you just can’t stop.) Players can make cartoony video game representations of themselves on the 3DS using the Mii Maker. By turning “Streetpass” on in sleep mode, players can allow their “Mii” self to wander over to other peoples’ 3DSs. Also, players can have other people’s “Miis” visit their own 3DS.

Use visiting “Mii’s” acquired from wireless Streetpass to conquer dungeons and earn treasure!

But wait, the fun doesn’t stop there. There’s actually a point to this stranger interaction! The 3DS comes preloaded with games that require the player to use other peoples’ visiting “Miis” (acquired from using wireless Streetpass) in order to play the game. Whether players are swapping puzzle pieces to build awesome images of popular games, or traversing deep, dark dungeons full of monsters, while trying to discover treasure, the Streetpass feature on the 3DS has become a powerful symbol that will change the way we play games.

3DS connects with other 3DS, as well as the older DS’s for smooth gaming

#5 – Local Wireless Multiplayer “Download Play” is Brilliant

Nintendo has never before placed more focus on Multiplayer Gameplay than it has with the 3DS. Many 3DS games can allow many players to all play a game together, even when only one person owns that game! That means that even in a group of 8 friends, if one person owns a certain game, everyone can still play that game together as long as they remain in wireless range.

Share one game cartridge among friends to play great games like Super Monkey Ball 3D

How does this black magic work, one might be wondering! Very simply put, the owner of a game cartridge wireless connects to the other 3DS systems and sends over a “demo” or “sample” of the game. This game demo is only temporary, but it allows a reasonable number players to play games together. Of course, this feature varies from game to game. Some games require each player to own the game.

High speed wireless data transfer means faster game sharing!

The biggest improvement of these features over the DS version of DS Download Play is that the 3DS Download Play blasts along at breakneck speeds. The 3DS can send over huge chunks of play data to multiple people simultaneously and gameplay is without lag or glitching. In the case of playing Super Monkey Ball 3D with 3D other people, the host system sent out a whole fighting game (like Smash Bros.) and a racing car game (like Mario Kart) in under a minute, and we experienced flawless, lagless gameplay.

Nintendo really knows how to get the message across with Download Play. Sharing is caring.

With just one month out of the racing gate, the 3DS is building unstoppable momentum with no signs of slowing down. Stick around for more news on the latest and greatest!

Happy Hunting

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