Roadmap to the Imaging & Entertainment Expo

Title image by Nathan Richter 

With so much to see this year, don’t get lost on the
information highway! Follow this roadmap to free photo prizes, contests, and
the coolest gear at the show!


This year’s Imaging & Entertainment Expo brings some serious fire to Sydney’s shores. With the latest in 3D
technology, printing, and creative gear, it’s easy to miss out on some of this year’s greatest gems. We’ve found some serious treasure and marked it on a map to help visitors find some sweet free gear, tips, and contests. With such a
bounty of prizes, everyone is bound to win!

Save this map to your phone to find your away around the showroom floor!

Swing by Nushots’ exhibit and sign up to with part of $50,000 in sweet prizes! Right off the bat, visitor’s are rewarded with $10 to spend on their printing services, and a quality cleaning kit bunbled a chance to win even more.

Need that extra bit of space for yourself? A  pit stop at the Camera House exhibit will net visitors a free 4GB SD memory  card! Stop by the stand, ask any questions you have, and grab a free SD card flier. Take the flier to a Camera House retail shop anywhere and score your free card!

Don’t forget to ask about the Camera House
facebook contest! You can win a wicked Canon Ixus 115 HS.

Try this on for size! Black Rapid straps are the ultimate in versatile camera straps. Check out the stand and try the Black Rapid gear for yourself!

Whether you are a full on digital graphic artist or spend time doing post production on your photos, Wacom tablets are the way to go. Comfortable, powerful, and dynamic, Wacom tablets make art and post much more streamlined. Try it for yourself!

Head down to the Fujiflm stand with your friends and family to snap a fully sick surfin’ magazine cover! Then borrow the latest and greatest camera for an hour, snag some killer shots, then enter them in the contest! You could win that awesome new camera! Just ask about The Pen Photo Competition!

Race on over to the World Photo Adventures theater for the greatest treasure of all; knowledge! Hear from industry leaders, such as Darran Leal, and learn how to shoot macro, making photo books, streamlining your processing workflow, and learn how to shoot professional portraits! Presentations start every hour.

Printing lab does more than allow your memories to last. They make those memories sparkle. Check out the brilliant new selection of printing services, right down to miniature albums, and timeless, elegant wedding albums. Don’t just share your memories. Live them again with a beautiful album.

Ever wanted to get into shooting portraits?
How about shooting sports? Take the dive, and head over to a wide range of
stands to get tips from the experts!  Free lessons and tips can be found around
exhibits like Nikon, Hasselblad the Photo Help Zone, and more! Hunt around and find them

As you enjoy your trip to the expo, don’t miss the opportunity to meet brilliant industry leaders such as Ken Duncan and Shelton Mueller. These top artists will be sharing not just photo tips, but advice on how to get the most of life as a photography.

Words cannot describe the positive energy and excitement sparking through the showroom floor. Check out the show, learnsomething new, and score some free prizes!

Remember! If you spot something awesome,
snap a photo! Post it on facebook, or a tweet on twitter  with #pmaexpo2011 to share it with the rest of Sydney!

Seeya at the show!

Happy Hunting,

Jerrel Dulay


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