Everything you need to know about USB 3.0

The mystery of the new kid on the digital block finally becomes clearTechnology continues to sail forward into new waters on a faster ship with bigger sails. That ship’s name is the U.S.B 3.0! Here are the ins and outs of the this sleek new vessel. Finally, we’ll shine some light on exactly what is so great about USB 3.0 versus the old USB 2.0 that has already become so integrated in our lives.
The Speed
Pretty much every USB device around runs on USB 2.0. Why should we even care about USB 3.0? The answer is simple! The speed of USB 3.0 is blistering, rated at more then ten times faster than USB 2.0! However, in the real world, USB 3.0 finds its pace at about three times faster than USB 2.0.Imagine if you will a USB monster. A USB 2.0 Monster can eat 50 cookies in one second. Impressive! However, the USB 3.0 Monster can eat a whopping 150 cookies a second! Staggering! On a standard, average speed PC, copying a 1gb file onto a normal USB flash drive can take about two and a half minutes. On USB 3.0, this would take less than a minute.

Where is it?
USB 3.0 is not yet widely distributed. Chances are, unless you bought your computer from the future, you most likely don’t have USB 3.0. However, you may be able to upgrade your existing computers with relative ease!

How do you use it?
In order to use USB 3.0, your computer needs to have the USB 3.0 hardware. If your PC motherboard has SATA interface, you can replace that ever so useful floppy drive with a few USB 3.0 ports. These are easy to find on online shops like eBay for around $30 USD.

If you are looking to upgrade a laptop, look for PCMCIA cards. These fantastic tidbits of technology provide a sleek and seamless upgrade to the hardware of your laptop, and can be found starting at $15 on online shops like eBay.

What does it do?
So you’ve upgraded your PC by retrofitting it with USB 3.0. Now what? For starters, plugging in your ordinary USB devices into a USB 3.0 port will not make it any faster. This means that your old external hard drives, memory card readers and flash drives will not benefit from the UDB 3.0 upgrade.

In order to take advantage of your PC’s USB 3.0 ports, you will need devices that are specifically built to use the new, high speed technology. You will know which devices make full use of the high speed as they will be labeled with “USB 3.0”. New USB 3.0 Flash Drives can be found on online shops like Ebay for about $15 USD.

Who is it for?
By picking up a USB 3.0 flash drive, you can really make use of these great transfer speeds. However, if you don’t do a lot of big file transfers often, there may not be much point in upgrading. For users who transfer many Gigabytes of photos, video, music and games, a USB 3.0 upgrade is well worth the effort.No more massive waiting times for file transfers! As time goes on, we will begin to see more and more devices speed up as USB 3.0 becomes the new standard. Remember to stick around for more of the latest trends in technological developments!For more tips, techniques, and hands on time with cool camera gear, check out the upcoming The Digital Show Expo in Melbourne, VIC!

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