Top 10 Coolest iPhone Cases

Find out which phones cases will be sure to wow and bedazzle your family and friends.

Mobile phone cases have become a great part of everyday life as both a guardian force to our phones, as well as a fashion accessory to character. Nothing says ‘Princess’ quite like a pink case encrusted with rhinestones. Express yourself with style, or put a bit of laughter into someone’s day with a clever phone case.

At iDigital Darwin, we don’t like to mull over what’s already popular and well known. We like to find the obscure, somewhat exotic gems of technology. Here are the Top 10 Coolest iPhone cases we’ve seen in 2011. As always, click the images to find these items for sale in online shops.

Gameboy Silicone iPhone 4s

No classic gamer can be without the clever Gameboy case and its humbling charm. There are  a myriad of colours and alternate designs for the iPhone 4 and 3G. The buttons are even beveled, so it feels as if they can be pressed. This way, you can pretend you are playing an actual classic Gameboy with the contrast turned all the way down.

Slipper Thong iPhone 4 Case

Heading out for a day at the beach? You wouldn’t leave home not properly dressed for the occasion, and neither should your phone! Sadly, this case does not improve the iPhone’s resistance to sand or water.

Pastry iPhone 4 Case

Looking to lose weight for the summer? Try confusion therapy. Blur the line between delicious snack and communication device to prevent impulsive munching.

Tape Cassette

What better way to say, “I’m a child of the 80s and 90s” than by rocking this surprisingly articulated tape cassette case? The answer; there is no better way.

Chocolate iPhone 4 case

The only thing that could make this Chocolate iPhone 4 case any better would be if the case itself was scented. And perhaps even flavored. Yum.

NES controller iPhone 4 case

Relive those magical 8-bit moments of your childhood with this sweet NES controller themed hard case.  We guarantee it will be much more comfortable in the hand than the old controller.

Calculator iPhone 4 Case

 Love the built-in iPhone calculator app? Take that love one step further and slap on this calculator-wanna-be iPhone. If this case doesn’t win you the geek of the week award at your office, nothing will.

Camera iPhone Case

Are your an avid iPhone photographer? Your phone may as well look the part!

Retro Brick iPhone 4 Case

There’s no better was to end this awesome list of  phone cases than with this marvelous icon of  mobile technology. This huge, lumbering chunk of raw plastic mined from deep within the bowels of our mother planet completely envelops the iPhone like some sort of monstrous skin cancer. You won’t get any closer to time travelling than slapping this sucker on your iPhone.

Keep a camera in hand, and don’t be afraid to look back. You never know what photograph you may miss.

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