Turn Your PC into a 3D TV for under $500


Wondering what all the 3D hubbub is about? Save some serious cash and try this easy alternative!

With technology pushing forward full steam ahead, it’s easy to get lost in the transition. Just like the conversion from black and white to colour television, 3D TV has not been an instant hit. Instead, the rise of 3D TV will be a very gradual one. Don’t feel like splashing thousands of dollars on that fancy new 3D-enabled HD Television Set?  Don’t sweat it! We’ll help you upgrade your existing home PC to play 3D TV. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to not only watch 3D channels, but convert normal 2D TV content into 3D!

Here’s what you’ll need:

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Item Price
Windows XP, Vista, or 7 PC

Your existing one

Avermedia 3D USB Dongle


24” 3D Monitor w/ Glasses


NVidia 1GB Video Card



Step 1 – Prepare Yourself

First off, make sure your existing PC is able to be upgraded. Be prepared to open up your PC and operate. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, find a friend or family member with a bit of experience. Remember to unplug your PC from the power socket in the wall before opening it up! To save some trouble, make sure the 3D Monitor you obtain comes with 3D glasses.


  • Ensure that your PC has an available PCI-E (PCI Express) slot, because this is where we will plug in the new video card.
  • You will also need to make sure your PC has two available USB slots.

Step 2 – Install Video Card

This step should be performed by someone with experience working on PC hardware. PC repair shops can do this for you if you have no other options. Once the new video card hardware has been installed on the computer, your new 3D monitor is ready to be installed!

Step 3 – Install 3D Monitor

The new 3D monitor can take the place of any existing previous monitors. It performs like any normal 2D monitor. Putting on the 3D won’t glasses will not magically turn the entire computer 3D! Instead, the monitor displays 3D graphics when it is explicitly asked to do so by special software. Make sure to plug the monitor into the new graphics card, and not the previous spot where it used to be plugged in to.

ImageFollow the installation guide of the monitor. If the monitor has a USB cable coming out of it and leading to the PC, it means the 3D emitter is in-built to the monitor. Make sure to plug in the USB! If the monitor comes with a little free floating box with a USB cable, be sure to plug it in and keep that little box in plain sight: that little box is the 3D emitter.


Step 4 – Install Graphics Card Drivers

The NVidia video cards are recommended for 3D content, as they are user friendly and easy use. The guides at www.nvidia.com are very helpful, and will help with any aspects needed with installation. All drivers and 3D software can be downloaded there! Be sure to download the correct driver for your graphics card, and install the NVidia 3D software as well.

If the 3D Monitor comes with a driver installation disc, install those drivers and software to ensure proper function.


Step 5 – Install the AverMedia 3D TV USB Dongle and software

The Avermedia 3D TV USB dongles are recommended, as they are user friendly and easy to use! The USB dongles also tend to include TV remotes, just like a normal TV set would! The USB dongle comes with an installation disc. Install the drivers and TV viewing software. Afterwards, plug the USB dongle in. If you have a nearby wall connection to a TV aerial or antenna, you can connect it directly to the USB dongle for maximum reception. If not, you can use the tiny antenna that comes with the dongle, but it may not get the best reception.


Step 6 – Launch the TV software and enjoy!

You can view TV by launching the Avermedia TV software. By default, content is displayed in 2D. However, follow the instructions, hit the 3D button, and suddenly, your world will be transformed! If the screen displays an odd double image like below, you know you’ve got it right!


Make sure to charge and power up those 3D glasses, because this is where the magic happens. Put on the glasses, and ‘ask’ your graphics card to turn 3D on. Normally, this requires the user to press “Ctrl+t”. You should see a fantastical, mystifying world of wonderment and limitless imagination.

You will be able to watch any normal 2D TV programs in fantastical 3D. Your PC is now fully equipped to display any available content in 3D, from video games to DVDs. Check in next time and we’ll guide you through watching any 2D video files on your PC in glorious 3D. Until next time, enjoy your new 3D TV, and be sure to amazing and bewilder your neighbours, friends, and family.

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Happy Hunting,

Jerrel Dulay


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