Top 10 Coolest iPhone Cases

Find out which phones cases will be sure to wow and bedazzle your family and friends.

Mobile phone cases have become a great part of everyday life as both a guardian force to our phones, as well as a fashion accessory to character. Nothing says ‘Princess’ quite like a pink case encrusted with rhinestones. Express yourself with style, or put a bit of laughter into someone’s day with a clever phone case.

At iDigital Darwin, we don’t like to mull over what’s already popular and well known. We like to find the obscure, somewhat exotic gems of technology. Here are the Top 10 Coolest iPhone cases we’ve seen in 2011. As always, click the images to find these items for sale in online shops.

Gameboy Silicone iPhone 4s

No classic gamer can be without the clever Gameboy case and its humbling charm. There are  a myriad of colours and alternate designs for the iPhone 4 and 3G. The buttons are even beveled, so it feels as if they can be pressed. This way, you can pretend you are playing an actual classic Gameboy with the contrast turned all the way down.

Slipper Thong iPhone 4 Case

Heading out for a day at the beach? You wouldn’t leave home not properly dressed for the occasion, and neither should your phone! Sadly, this case does not improve the iPhone’s resistance to sand or water.

Pastry iPhone 4 Case

Looking to lose weight for the summer? Try confusion therapy. Blur the line between delicious snack and communication device to prevent impulsive munching.

Tape Cassette

What better way to say, “I’m a child of the 80s and 90s” than by rocking this surprisingly articulated tape cassette case? The answer; there is no better way. Continue reading


Everything you need to know about USB 3.0

The mystery of the new kid on the digital block finally becomes clearTechnology continues to sail forward into new waters on a faster ship with bigger sails. That ship’s name is the U.S.B 3.0! Here are the ins and outs of the this sleek new vessel. Finally, we’ll shine some light on exactly what is so great about USB 3.0 versus the old USB 2.0 that has already become so integrated in our lives.
The Speed
Pretty much every USB device around runs on USB 2.0. Why should we even care about USB 3.0? The answer is simple! The speed of USB 3.0 is blistering, rated at more then ten times faster than USB 2.0! However, in the real world, USB 3.0 finds its pace at about three times faster than USB 2.0.Imagine if you will a USB monster. A USB 2.0 Monster can eat 50 cookies in one second. Impressive! However, the USB 3.0 Monster can eat a whopping 150 cookies a second! Staggering! On a standard, average speed PC, copying a 1gb file onto a normal USB flash drive can take about two and a half minutes. On USB 3.0, this would take less than a minute.

Where is it?
USB 3.0 is not yet widely distributed. Chances are, unless you bought your computer from the future, you most likely don’t have USB 3.0. However, you may be able to upgrade your existing computers with relative ease!

How do you use it?
In order to use USB 3.0, your computer needs to have the USB 3.0 hardware. If your PC motherboard has SATA interface, you can replace that ever so useful floppy drive with a few USB 3.0 ports. These are easy to find on online shops like eBay for around $30 USD.

If you are looking to upgrade a laptop, look for PCMCIA cards. These fantastic tidbits of technology provide a sleek and seamless upgrade to the hardware of your laptop, and can be found starting at $15 on online shops like eBay.

What does it do?
So you’ve upgraded your PC by retrofitting it with USB 3.0. Now what? For starters, plugging in your ordinary USB devices into a USB 3.0 port will not make it any faster. This means that your old external hard drives, memory card readers and flash drives will not benefit from the UDB 3.0 upgrade. Continue reading

Gear Up! Lensbaby Composer Pro Review


Everything you need to know about this creative secret weapon. Plus! Five tips to help you master the Composer Pro!

Why follow the rules of photography, when it’s so much more fun to break them? Lensbaby has the perfect range of tools for any photographer looking to break the artistic boundaries of the photographic world. For giving scenes that added edge of creativity, look no further than the Lensbaby Composer Pro.

Lensbaby optics are perfect for really putting a creative spin on things. With the ability to swap interchangeable optics in a lens, such as Soft Focus, Pinhole, and Plastic, the possibilities for creating unique scenes is endless. The Composer Pro is specifically built for creative photograhers who really like to make scenes their own with their own expressions.


We’ve given the Composer Pro with the standard Double Glass optic a place in our gear bag to see just how well this lens really works. Much like a Fisheye or Macro lens, the Composer Pro gives photographers a whole new perspective with which to view the world.

Who is it for?

The Composer Pro is perfect for photographers who love to have fun with their work. The lens appeals to those who love to change their perspective, snap unique captures, and see how far they can take their creative freedom. Whether you are professional, hobbyist, or anything in between, you can definitely enjoy the Composer Pro.


The Composer Pro feels sturdy in hand, as the plastic body feels solid, and the two focal and locking rings are a nice, grippy rubber that makes adjustments easy to make. The focusing action, though strictly manual, is smooth. There may be a minute amount of fidgeting towards the nearest focusing distance and infinity, but this depends on the optic being used, and never posed any sort of issue for us.

The 2nd ring on the Composer Pro locks the focal plane into place. After unlocking the ring, the lens can be shifted and tilted in all directions. Tightening the ring will lock the lens in its position.

The Composer Pro, with metal mount, fits our Nikon D90 like a glove. The reference dot for lining up the lens is on the bottom of the Composer Pro, right on the metal mount. There are no reference points on the sides of the lens, which can make mounting the lens a bit difficult sometimes. The trade-off for this is that the Composer Pro does look more sleek and streamlined once it is mounted to the camera, as it is free of any extraneous markings and labels.


Lensbaby Optics make use of a specialized tool to change manual aperture rings. This may be a nuisance at first glance, but is actually one of Lensbaby’s strongest assets.

Lensbaby Optics use their own unique lens caps. These caps are solid, springy, and feel quite tough once they are in place. This is a blessing, since replacing a lost cap won’t be as easy as it would be for a standard cap.

Changing optics is actually quite easy, and with a few minutes practice, can be done in a just a few seconds. The Optics contain the glass through which the image passes, while the Composer Pro is the outer shell that mounts the Optic to the camera body. There are many Optics to play with, and many of those Optics allow the use of Creative Aperture Filters. We’ll cover more on that shortly!

image Continue reading

Imaging & Entertainment Expo Highlights – Sydney 2011

The latest Photo Expo brought some serious flare to Sydney this month. Here are some of the highlights from the show.

2011 saw the loudest, strongest, and most action-packed Photo Expo Sydney has ever seen. From an endless stream of brilliant workshops and talks, to the latest and greatest in photo imaging technologies, the Imaging & Entertainment Expo had it all. A positive surge of energy brought in by enthusiastic visitors brought the showroom floor to life, and we were lucky enough to be there to capture it! Take a look at some of the highlights from 2011’s Imaging & Entertainment Expo in Sydney.

The Hasseblad was never without a crowd, as experts shared tips on shooting models and mastering post production.

Print 2 Metal was just one of the many exhibitors showing off incredible new ways to create and share photo prints.

The number of visitors shattered records, and the show did not disappoint! There was plenty to do and see

Take your iPad and iPod for a swim with wicked new water pouches

The latest developments in creating wedding albums was simply stunning to say the least

There were no shortage of beautiful models (both male and female) for visitors to meet and photograph

Gadgets at the show ranged from necessary advancements in gear, to just plain good fun

World renowned photographers such as Ken Duncan share their expertise and advice with visitors

For all those who were able to make it to the show, we hope you enjoyed! We’ll see you next year in Melbourne, with a bigger, more exciting new show!

Happy Hunting,

Jerrel Dulay

Roadmap to the Imaging & Entertainment Expo

Title image by Nathan Richter 

With so much to see this year, don’t get lost on the
information highway! Follow this roadmap to free photo prizes, contests, and
the coolest gear at the show!


This year’s Imaging & Entertainment Expo brings some serious fire to Sydney’s shores. With the latest in 3D
technology, printing, and creative gear, it’s easy to miss out on some of this year’s greatest gems. We’ve found some serious treasure and marked it on a map to help visitors find some sweet free gear, tips, and contests. With such a
bounty of prizes, everyone is bound to win!

Save this map to your phone to find your away around the showroom floor!

Swing by Nushots’ exhibit and sign up to with part of $50,000 in sweet prizes! Right off the bat, visitor’s are rewarded with $10 to spend on their printing services, and a quality cleaning kit bunbled a chance to win even more.

Need that extra bit of space for yourself? A  pit stop at the Camera House exhibit will net visitors a free 4GB SD memory  card! Stop by the stand, ask any questions you have, and grab a free SD card flier. Take the flier to a Camera House retail shop anywhere and score your free card!

Don’t forget to ask about the Camera House
facebook contest! You can win a wicked Canon Ixus 115 HS.

Try this on for size! Black Rapid straps are the ultimate in versatile camera straps. Check out the stand and try the Black Rapid gear for yourself!

Whether you are a full on digital graphic artist or spend time doing post production on your photos, Wacom tablets are the way to go. Comfortable, powerful, and dynamic, Wacom tablets make art and post much more streamlined. Try it for yourself!

Head down to the Fujiflm stand with your friends and family to snap a fully sick surfin’ magazine cover! Then borrow the latest and greatest camera for an hour, snag some killer shots, then enter them in the contest! You could win that awesome new camera! Just ask about The Pen Photo Competition!

Race on over to the World Photo Adventures theater for the greatest treasure of all; knowledge! Hear from industry leaders, such as Darran Leal, and learn how to shoot macro, making photo books, streamlining your processing workflow, and learn how to shoot professional portraits! Presentations start every hour.

Printing lab does more than allow your memories to last. They make those memories sparkle. Check out the brilliant new selection of printing services, right down to miniature albums, and timeless, elegant wedding albums. Don’t just share your memories. Live them again with a beautiful album.

Ever wanted to get into shooting portraits?
How about shooting sports? Take the dive, and head over to a wide range of
stands to get tips from the experts!  Free lessons and tips can be found around
exhibits like Nikon, Hasselblad the Photo Help Zone, and more! Hunt around and find them

As you enjoy your trip to the expo, don’t miss the opportunity to meet brilliant industry leaders such as Ken Duncan and Shelton Mueller. These top artists will be sharing not just photo tips, but advice on how to get the most of life as a photography.

Words cannot describe the positive energy and excitement sparking through the showroom floor. Check out the show, learnsomething new, and score some free prizes!

Remember! If you spot something awesome,
snap a photo! Post it on facebook, or a tweet on twitter  with #pmaexpo2011 to share it with the rest of Sydney!

Seeya at the show!

Happy Hunting,

Jerrel Dulay

Imaging & Entertainment Expo Sneak Peak!

The southern hemisphere’s biggest photo expo unleashes the latest and greatest stage of the digital revolution. Jerrel Dulay reports.


Looking for the hottest trends in the latest photo technology? Need ideas on how to vault your creativity to the next level? Sydney’s Imaging & Entertainment Expo is just what the doctor ordered! An early sneak peak reveals an all-too-exciting show in store for this June 25-26. Here are some delicious samples, an appetizer to the grand main course being served this weekend!

Get ready to be astounded by revolutionary new ways to print and share your photos! This year’s expo boasts brilliant new services that allow photographers to have their photos printed onto acrylic, metal, glass, and more! It’s nigh impossible to do the beauty of these prints justice over the internet. The magnificence of this cutting edge style of artistic expression reaches deep into the creative soul of the viewer, gently tugging at the artist within to come out and play.

Search out your creative boundaries and obliterate them! Lensbaby’s latest  range of creative lenses makes a mean offer that no one can refuse. From affordable fisheye to tilt-shift lenses, Lensbaby’s got it all! Stop by the exhibit and try them on for size!

Looking to take your photography to the next stage of extreme sport? How about capturing majestic, rolling tidal waves from within! Explore the coral reefs and swim with majestic humpback whales. Check out the latest Aquatic Housing units, developed for the most popular Canon, Nikon, and Sony DSLRS.

Discover a whole new world, a new exciting point of view, by taking your photography underwater. With no one to tell you no, or where to go, or say you’re only dreaming, these aquatic housing cases allow you to take your photography to a whole new level. Continue reading

How To Use Colored Light Filters

Take your photos through rose colored lenses! Read how to use Colored Light Filters!

Off-camera flash can be a great way to spread your creative wings when taking photos. However, photographers can take their game to the next level by using colored light filters. Follow these tips to turn your photographic scenes into your  own coloring canvass.

What You’ll Need –

At least 2 Off-Camera Flash Guns

If you’re working with only one flash gun, you are severely limiting your creative freedom. Most colour changes to the scene can be made via White Balance, or even in post production on the computer. However, having more than one light source, each with a different color, is something that cannot be replicated in post production.

Many flash guns have a built in honeycomb filter that slides out and snaps down into position. These are perfect for holding a color gel filter in place. These particular filters have been cut to fit.

Triggers for each Flash Gun (Wireless works best)

Many flashguns can use a “slave mode,” that allow them to fire at the same moment other flashes go off, without the need for wireless or wired triggers. However, this is not recommended. Slave mode works perfectly in most situations, but when using color filters, “slave mode” can often fail to trigger the flash.

A Set of Color Gel Filters

Having a wide range of colors really helps! Check out your local retail photo shops. However, these can often be difficult to track down. A set of about 20 or 30 different colours can be found on eBay for usually around $20 USD. They most likely will need to be cut to shape to fit your flash guns!

Tripods or stands for the Flash Guns

Having a bit of experience with Off-Camera Flash Guns really helps. The sport of photography revolves around using light to create exposures. Without light, we cannot take photos. When we use off-camera flash, we have to be acutely aware of a few things!

Reducing or eliminating ambient light is key to controlling the tone and temperature of a scene or model.

First off, all scenes have Ambient Light. It is vital for a photographer to fully understand the nature of the Ambient Light in a scene. What temperature is the Ambient Light? Is it cold or warm? Is it soft or harsh? What direction is the light coming from?

For example, if a photographer is standing on a beach at noon on a sunny, cloudless day, then the Ambient Light is most likely to be warm and harsh. However, if the photographer is sitting in a dining room at mid day with a few windows open, the light might be soft and cold.

The ambient light here is soft, thanks to the diffusion from the clouds, and cold in temperature. There are no other point light sources. Continue reading