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Gear For The Aggressive Photographer – Part 2

Sometimes the going gets tough,  and photographers simply have to get tougher. Here’s the gear to help you do just that.

Sometimes, photography can be compared to an adorable kitten; gentle, delicate, and requiring the utmost precision to pet it the right way.  However, sometimes that kitten becomes a vicious lion, and when photography starts to bite, it’s time to bite back.

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Whether it’s due to sub-zero temperatures, seven-hour hikes through rugged mountains, or having to outrun a ravenous pack of zombies, photography is not always an easy sport. To help make dealing with these tough situations easier, we take a look at some wicked gear for the aggressive photographer.

Lowepro’s SlipLock harness system can be one of the most vital tools in a photographer’s arsenal. The harness system is fully customizable to fit the user’s needs. The Lowepro harness uses a modular system that fits a wide range of add-ons, consisting of a variety of lens pouches, pockets, and bags. Continue reading


Gear For The Aggressive Photographer – Part 1

How choosing the right equipment can turn rough seas into smooth sailing.

Photography is a graceful, elegant, and precise activity. It is only funny and ironic when a photo job becomes tough and rugged! Sometimes, photographers find themselves speeding through the high seas, tackling ice-burgs, or clambering up a precarious rock wall towering past the clouds in the mountains. To accommodate for these situations, there exists some truly intuitive gear that no active photographer should be without.

Op/Tech Shoulder Harness can accommodate up to two camera bodies.

Neck straps can be one of the most uncomfortable and clumsy ways to carry a camera. Especially for heavier cameras, neck straps are not an option! For those photographers who find themselves tumbling through unforgiving terrain, or handling heavy equipment, the Op/Tech Dual Shoulder Harness proves to be worth far more than its weight in gold. Continue reading