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Art Meets Family Gaming With Nintendo’s uDraw

Nintendo brings gaming to the next level (no pun intended) with the uDraw.

Game developer giant Nintendo has always been at the forefront of exciting new technology for games. In what seems to been a crazy science experiment gone right, Nintendo has been working together with game developers THQ to mash together concepts from the it’s handheld, the Nintendo DS, with the Wii to create a unique monster. The uDraw tablet allows gamers to use a drawing surface with motion controls to create art and then bring it to life with video games!

Pictionary provides hours of family fun, much like the Atari 2600 from the 80’s

The uDraw appears to aimed at families who enjoy actually spend time together. Also, according to the box art, uDraw can only be fully appreciated in households where all family members sport immaculately white clothes, sit on pristine, white furniture, while not getting any stains on the perfectly white walls of their suspiciously too-white house. Continue reading